Contaminated Soil Auto Dealership

Contaminated Soil due to Trench Drain Leak

We were contacted by an environmental engineer about an auto dealership that had a leak from a trench drain from their oil water separator.  
They had us clean out their trench drains and inspect them for cracks.  
The previously detected leak was located inside the building, we saw cut open the concrete slab, excavated out approximately 20 tons of contaminated soil, stockpiled it on plastic until the sample results come back and it can be taken to a disposal facility.  
After digging down it was discovered there was a long crack in the trench drain which was the cause of the contaminated soil.  The repair is to be done at a later time, the excavation was backfilled and the concrete was restored with a 2×2 rebar grid and 4,000 psi concrete.
Auto repair service stations and dealerships that offer repair services are often the unfortunate recipients of contamination issues from the tanks and drains running under the ground carrying oil, hydraulic fluid and all types of other auto repair liquids.
We’ve been helping clean, maintain, repair and replace trench drains and oil water separators for service stations for over 25 years and we can help you too with any of your auto repair / dealership station needs.

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