Detection of underground oil tanks

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Oil Tank Sweeps

When deciding on purchasing a new home or commercial property, ensuring the property is free of any potential environmental hazards and getting all the necessary inspections is vital; however, knowing and locating an underground oil tank is often missed by the sellers and buyers.

Whether buying or selling, having an oil tank sweep will make the real estate transaction go smoother without subjecting yourself to a big headache when a tank is found with a leak. This can spell disaster for the existing property owners.

oil tank sweep

Why Perform an Oil Tank Sweep

The EPA has estimated that over 100,000 undiscovered or unknown underground storage tanks are in New Jersey alone. These USTs can be hidden, leaking time bombs. In addition, even when properly maintained, oil tanks can rust and corrode over time, which leads to holes and leaks.

Getting soil inspection and remediation services will be crucial if a leak is found. Unfortunately, these remediation cleanup costs can end up being quite costly.

This is why oil tank sweeps are critical when purchasing a new property. One never knows what’s lurking in the grounds below.

What is an Oil Tank Sweep?

An oil tank sweep is an environmental professional’s process to determine if there is an underground oil tank.

The technical will use detection devices to search for oil service lines within the building that have been disconnected. The exterior will also be inspected for vent and fill pipes. In addition, the entire property will be scanned for readings consistent with the presence of an underground oil tank.

When the oil tank sweep is completed, a report is prepared with the findings. If necessary, information regarding additional underground oil tank removal or soil remediation services is documented and discussed with the property owner.

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Are you purchasing a new home or commercial property? Please take the necessary precautions regarding underground tanks.

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