Underground Storage Tank Removal Services

Stewart Environmental Remediation is THE GO TO Underground Storage Tank Removal Service in New Jersey and Pennsylvania
Residental UST Removal
No tank too small.
Commercial and Industrial UST Removal
No tank too large.
Surface Restoration
We restore your parking lot, driveway, slab, sidewalk or lawn.

Full-Service Commercial, Industrial and Residential Underground Tank Removal

Our team will provide you with safe and efficient underground storage tank removal services with minimal disruption to your home or business. We obtain all necessary permits and provide all necessary labor, equipment, and PPE to properly remove and dispose of underground storage tanks, both large and small.

Whether you are looking to replace your old fuel tank with a new one, concerned that your existing tank may be old enough to start leaking, or would simply like to eliminate the liability issues and environmental risks that come with having a tank on your property, you can count on us to exceed your expectations with our professional service and expertise.

Why Stewart Environmental Remediation is the Best Choice for Underground Storage Tank Removal

  • Prevents oil spill potential – our experienced team takes the proper precautions to ensure no oil spills out of tanks or connecting pipes during the removal process.
  • Eliminates hazardous vapors – we use high powered ventilation or dry ice to inert or dissipate hazardous vapors
  • Hazardous waste handling (manifest and disposal) documentation – proper documentation and manifests for every stage of the project, tank disposal, vac truck or drum disposal, contaminated soil disposal and clean fill.
  • Insured for tank removals –we carry higher limits than than most, 1mill liability, 1 mill auto, 5 mill umbrella, 1 mill workers comp.  We provide a certificate of insurance for every job.

Getting your Underground Storage Tank Removed Can Be Simple

Stewart Environment Remediation will take care of everything, safely, efficiently and correctly.

In many cases, the smaller underground storage tank removals can be completed in one day!

Why remove your underground storage tank?

An underground storage tank leak can create havoc for business owners and homeowners alike.   Over time underground storage tanks holding oil, gasoline, diesel, etc., begin to rust and corrode causing this leak and posing a significant threat to the environment.  A leaking tank can seep under the foundation of a home or building, onto a neighbors property, or into the groundwater which can create an expensive clean-up.

This makes underground storage tanks a liability to business owners and homeowners alike. These risks are well-known to mortgage lenders and insurance companies, so ultimately, if you are buying or selling a property with a buried storage tank it may become necessary to get it removed.  Even USTs that had been previously “properly abandoned” are being required to be removed by most lenders. Learn More About Our Underground Storage Tank Removal Services

What UST Removal Entails

Mob To Site

We arrive at the site on the scheduled date with the necessary labor, equipment and PPE.  We saw cut and remove asphalt or concrete when necessary and then excavate down to the top of the UST.

Remove and Dispose of Tank Contents

We will pump out and place the tank contents into 55 gallon drums for smaller amounts.  For larger amounts a vac truck is used to pump out any liquid in the tank.

Cleaning The Tank

The solid waste oil on the bottom “sludge” is unable to be pumped.  The sludge is cleaned out manually and placed into 55 gallon drums for disposal.

Remove Tank & Inspect

The tank will be removed from the excavation and inspected by the township inspector for any signs of corrosion or holes.  If it passes, onto backfilling, if it fails a case is called into the DEP and our subsurface evaluator / LSRP comes out to oversee the contaminated soil remediation process.

Fill Excavation

Once approval has been granted by the township to backfill the hole, we truck in certified clean fill and backfill the excavation with compaction.  This prevents future settling whether it’s a grassy area, under a driveway, sidewalk or parking lot.

Surface Restoration

We complete the project by restoring the ground on top of the excavation to it’s original condition.  Rake, hay and seed for grassy areas, asphalt restoration for driveways and parking lots, concrete restorations for sidewalks or slabs.

What You Can Expect From Us

Outstanding Customer Service

We make it a point to answer every call or call back immediately.  We will answer your emails and texts promptly too.  We show up on the scheduled date and finish the job on time.  This is why many of our clients have been with us for years.

Detailed Quotes

We make sure our quotes provide a high level of detail to protect you from any ambiguity about what is included, and what isn’t.  We also give estimates on costs in case of an unforeseen circumstance, such as finding contamination.

Reliable & Fully Insured

You can trust when we do your project it’s going to get done when it’s supposed to be done.  Our insurance is there to protect you for the type of work we do.  We carry much higher coverage limits than many of our competitors. A certificate of insurance is provided with every project.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are in it for the long haul which leads to building relationships.  Our goal is to make sure you are so satisfied that any time you need any work done you know you only have to make one call, and that’s to us.


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SuperFan Clients

Many of our long-term repeat clients had initially contracted us to do one job but have continued contracting us for many other jobs and have been with us for years.  These long-time relationships are a direct result of the quality, reliability, expertise and service they received.  We make sure each project gets done, the way it’s supposed to be done, when it’s scheduled to be done.

When you become our client you can depend on us to answer your calls, texts or emails, every time.

Our reputation is built on providing an outstanding level of customer service, integrity and reliability.

“We Specialize in Relationships”

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Building Relationships

Stewart Environmental has been removing underground tanks and remediating contaminated soil for over two decades.  We have environmental clients as well as general construction clients that have been using our services for years.

We listen to your needs and utilize our experience and value engineering skills to find cost-efficient solutions especially when it involves the most difficult of projects.

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