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We remove underground and above-ground Oil Tanks, Gasoline Tanks, Diesel Tanks, Oil/Water separator tanks, Hydraulic lifts, Waste Oil Tanks, Etc. Surface storage tanks, and provide contaminated soil remediation services along with vac truck services for tank contents removal. We also offer excavation and construction services.

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Did you know?

Did you know that the oil industry generated around $5 trillion in global revenue as of this year? Do you understand the value of underground tank removal?

Oil is a big part of life; from keeping our vehicles running to upholding the economy, there’s a lot that oil is responsible for. However, an underground oil tank often creates a big headache.

If you are looking for help with the oil tank removal process, you must hire a professional underground tank removal company such as Stewart Environmental. But first, let us explain a few vital matters regarding oil tank removal.


Why Underground Oil Tank Removal

If you have an underground oil tank on your property, especially old and abandoned, you should act fast and get it checked. In most instances, it may need to be removed.

Due to their high likelihood of leaks from rust and corrosion, underground storage tanks are called a “suburban time bomb” and pose a severe risk to the environment and human health. Many sites throughout the US have been impacted by underground tank petroleum and oil leaks.

Dangers connected to underground storage tanks are:

Leaks may appear minor and unimportant at the time, but they can seriously endanger the environment and the health of those around.

This makes underground storage tanks a liability to business owners and homeowners alike. These risks are well-known to mortgage lenders and insurance companies, so ultimately, if you are buying or selling a property with a buried storage tank it may become necessary to get it removed.  Even USTs that had been previously “properly abandoned” are being required to be removed by most lenders.

How Does Underground Tank Removal Work?

The Underground Tank Removal Process For Oil Tanks, Gasoline Tanks, Diesel Tanks, Waste Oil Tanks,  Hydraulic Lift Tanks and Oil-Water Separator Tanks

  • The tank must be properly “closed” and taken out of service before it can be removed.
  • This entails draining all heating oil from the tank and pipes and cleaning them thoroughly to remove any remaining oil and fumes. The tank is considered closed and prepared for removal if there are no indications of leaking.
  • If an oil tank on your property that you recently discovered was previously closed, the Stewart Environmental Specialists can assist you in evaluating whether or not that is the case.
  • After the tank has been inspected, cleaned and sealed, it is removed from the ground, hoisted up by a backhoe, and taken away to be appropriately disposed of.
  • Once the town approves the removal, we begin to backfill the site with certified clean fill and excavation compaction, preventing future settling.
  • Lastly, the ground is restored on top to its original condition. We rake, hay and seed grassy areas and asphalt driveways, parking lots and other slabs.

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Dealing with an outdated underground storage tank is a significant matter that requires expert handling and removal. Don’t risk having to deal with a massive oil leak down the road; get the tank removed now!

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