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Underground storage tanks have limited life spans.  Over time underground storage tanks holding oil, gasoline, diesel, etc., begin to rust and corrode, ultimately leaking into the ground and posing a significant threat to the environment.  A leaking tank can seep under the foundation of a home or building, onto a neighbors property, or into the groundwater.  Being proactive and removing the tank before the end of it’s life span can result in a removal that costs significantly less than waiting until it’s too late.



To ensure optimal lifespan of your oil tank it must be maintained adequately. If so, on average the life expectancy of above ground tanks is about 20 years or more. If not maintained they may not last 20 years.

Generally, soil should be tested every 3 to 5 years. If at risk and there is a concern for contamination from heavy metals, pesticides, petroleum hydrocarbons and radioactive material remediation must be done.

Toxic Materials May Leak from Underground Storage Tanks

Underground storage tanks (USTs) that contain hazardous materials like gasoline and waste oil are capable of leaking dangerous chemicals. These chemicals, known to cause cancer and negatively impact the development of children, can rapidly spread through the soil, leading to groundwater contamination.

The most significant risk posed by a leaking UST (Underground Storage Tank) is the possibility that its contents, such as petroleum or other hazardous substances, might infiltrate the soil and pollute groundwater. This is a major concern since groundwater is the source of drinking water for nearly half of the American population.

A query that frequently arises, often at least once every few months, is the ability to sell a house in New Jersey that has an abandoned underground oil tank. The answer is that sellers indeed can, and this situation is not entirely uncommon, where a house is sold in such a condition.