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We remove underground and above-ground storage tanks, provide contaminated soil remediation services along with vac truck services for tank contents removal.  We also offer excavation and construction services.

As a 3rd generation excavator, our reputation is built on providing an outstanding level of customer service, integrity and reliability.

Licensed in NJ and PA

Our Services

Underground Storage Tank Removals

Oil Tanks, Gasoline Tanks, Diesel Tanks, Oil/Wate separator tanks, Hydraulic lifts, Waste Oil Tanks, Etc.

Above Ground Tank Removals

Storage Tanks on the Surface

Contaminated Soil Remediation

Excavating, Removing and Disposing of Contaminated Soil.  Furnishing and Installing Certified Clean Fill, Installing SVE Systems (soil vapor extraction)

Excavation & Construction

Demolition, site work, excavating, commercial building maintenance, emergency water and sewer line repairs

Vac Truck Services

Our state-of-the-art vac trucks will pump out liquid, sludge and solids from storage tanks and more.

Stewart Environmental Remediation

THE GO TO Underground Storage Tank Removal, Above-Ground Tank Removal, Soil Remediation, Excavation and Construction service provider in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  

We offer a wide range of services specializing in underground storage tank removals and contaminated soil remediation to businesses and homeowners in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

We excel in our ability to resolve difficult issues on projects with innovative solutions.



Completed Projects

Underground Storage Tank Removals

Metal underground storage tanks have a limited lifespan. Due to underground conditions that contribute to corrosion, metal underground storage tanks all eventually leak. The smart play is to remove the tank before it leaks and becomes an expensive liability contaminating the soil and sometimes even the groundwater.


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Underground Storage Tank Removals
Home fuel tank standing on concrete slab.

Above Ground Storage Tank Removals

Thorough, Affordable and Dependable Service

Our team will provide you with safe and efficient aboveground tank removal services with minimal disruption to your home or business.

Whether you are looking to replace your old fuel tank with a new one, concerned that your existing tank may start leaking, or would simply like to eliminate the liability issues and environmental risks that come with having a tank on your property, you can count on us to exceed your expectations.


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Soil Remediation Services

Stewart Environmental Remediation provides contaminated soil remediation services for small and large-scale environmental projects. We take care of permits, utility mark outs, inspections, as well as the restoration of lawn, sidewalk, parking lot, or driveway, and haul your old tank away for disposal. When you need a company you can count on with the expertise, experience, labor and equipment to handle any size project, Stewart Environmental Remediation is the team to call!

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Excavation & Construction Services

Our innovative team of experts is known for resolving complex issues while adhering to budgetary constraints. We have the equipment and experience to tackle a wide range of construction projects specializing in demolition, site work, environmental remediation, masonry work, General Contractor (GC) services, and emergency water and sewer repairs.


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Vacuum Truck Services

We can provide vac trucks that will pump out liquid, sludge and solids from underground storage and waste tanks, oil/water separators, clarifiers, sumps, trenches, pits, floor drains and more.  You will always receive a manifest as documentation the waste was disposed of properly. 

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When to Remove an Underground Storage Tank

Underground storage tanks have limited life spans.  Over time underground storage tanks holding oil, gasoline, diesel, etc., begin to rust and corrode, ultimately leaking into the ground and posing a significant threat to the environment.  A leaking tank can seep under the foundation of a home or building, onto a neighbors property, or into the groundwater.  Being proactive and removing the tank before the end of it’s life span can result in a removal that costs significantly less than waiting until it’s too late.

When Do You Need To Replace An Aboveground Storage Tank?

Do you see corrosion on your tank’s bottom, seams, welds, or piping or seepage on the ground?  These are all indications that you should strongly consider having your tank removed. For any aboveground storage tank that is out of compliance, improperly abandoned, or suspected of leakage,  we have the expertise and experience to remove it quickly and efficiently, with minimal impact to your property and your business.

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When do you need soil remediation?

When an underground storage tank is removed and it’s discovered it had been leaking or in some cases had been overfilled, soil remediation most likely will become necessary.  An underground storage tank leak can be caused by several factors, such as the age and thickness of the tank, the moisture content of the soil, etc. There are normally other telltale signs such as strong odor or visible staining of the soil

Learn More About Our soil remediation Services

Loyal Clients

Global Auto Mall

Global Auto Mall - North Plainfield, NJ

We have completed several large and many small projects over the last several years at Global Auto Mall. We started working there on an environmental clean up project that led to many other projects throughout the dealership. In 2021 we removed 28 underground hydraulic lifts from the service center garage. The general manager knows when she needs anything done, all she needs to do is call.


Partner Engineering and Science, Hackettstown Hospital, NJ Project

This is one of many, many underground storage tank removal jobs for Partner Engineering and Science. This Hackettstown Hospital job comprised of removing and disposing of an outdated 10,000 gallon UST and re-installing a state of the art 10,000 gallon dual fuel Underground Storage Tank that they use in the event of an outage. They are proactive to remove and replace their tanks before the end of the tanks life expectancy.

Fairmount Cemetary

Fairmount Cemetary - Newark, NJ

Our longstanding relationship with Fairmount Cemetery started with a fairly extensive contaminated soil remediation. Throughout the years they have had us do many large and small projects from cleaning out and rebuilding catch basins to demolitioning an old maintenance building at the Newark property and building a new maintenance building at their sister property Somerset Hills Memorial Park in Basking Ridge.


4 reviews on
Jeffrey Garcia
Jeffrey Garcia
Great communication, friendly service. Deborah explained the process and assisted every step of the way. Once I gave approval to start job, it literally took them one business to obtain permit and remove oil tank from my property. Thank you guys
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Ryan Reynics
Ryan Reynics
I have used Chris and Deb many times over the past five years on environmental remediation projects in NJ and CT. Chris has a great understanding of the complexities of environmental projects and has years of experience to draw on when an unforeseen condition presents itself. I always feel comfortable when Stewart is on the job and I know the job will get done correctly!
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Robert Rosa
Robert Rosa
Have used Stewart environmental 2 times. They are very helpful and professional. Would recommend them to anyone who would need there services.
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Erik Weber
Erik Weber
As an environmental consultant, solid contractors are so important to overall job success. Whether it be tank removal services, hotspot soil removal, test pitting, or waste hauling, Stewart Environmental Remediation is my number one choice by a longshot. Chris, Deb, and their staff make an excellent team and are always a pleasure to work with. Unlike some other contractors that require constant hand holding/follow up and hit you with change orders in the middle of the project, Stewart is always so well prepared for every job and are excellent communicators. They are experts at their craft. No matter how difficult of a job, they will always find a way to a successful end result while staying within budget every time. I look forward to working with them for many years to come. Highly recommended. Thank you Chris and Deb for all of your hard work on my projects!
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Client Testimonials

“Our company has had Stewart Environmental Remediation do multiple projects from the simplest project to all types of construction and complicated renovations. At all times the owner and staff are professional, pleasant and thorough. The management and staff are sensitive to causing any business interruption while they are on our property and projects are completed on time and within budget. We have used Stewart Contractors for several years and will continue to use them for their quality of work and professionalism.”

Global Auto Mall

Trudy Bloom

Vice President, Global Auto Mall

“Stewart Environmental has been a contractor for Partner, mainly for UST and AST investigations and closures, as well as waste disposal, in the mid-Atlantic for many years. Their professionalism and communication make them my first choice in these services throughout a significant portion of my territory, to areas far beyond what others would expect.”

Partner Engineering Logo

Aaron Epstein, PG

Regional Manager, Subsurface Investigations, Partner Engineering & Science

“As the President of Fairmount Cemetery Association of Newark and Somerset Hills (NJ), I recommend Stewart Builders without hesitation. For the last several years, Stewart has served us ably on five major projects and a number of smaller projects, including the construction of a new service building, the demolition of three large century-old brick buildings, and two soil remediation excavations required by NJDEP. Stewart has been consistently attentive to project design, scheduling, and estimating, to securing all required governmental approvals, to enlisting subcontractors when necessary and seeing to the progress and completion of the work on target as to schedule and cost. Chris and Debra are knowledgeable as to their business and thoroughly professional in demeanor.

fairmount full logo rev edcddabebafaea

Fred Lehlback

President, Fairmount Cemetery and Somerset Hills Memorial Park Cemetery

What You Can Expect From Us

Outstanding Customer Service

We make it a point to answer every call or call back immediately.  We will answer your emails and texts promptly too.  We show up on the scheduled date and finish the job on time.  This is why many of our clients have been with us for years.

Detailed Quotes

We make sure our quotes provide a high level of detail to protect you from any ambiguity about what is included, and what isn’t.  We also give estimates on costs in case of an unforeseen circumstance, such as finding contamination.

Reliable & Fully Insured

You can trust when we do your project it’s going to get done when it’s supposed to be done.  Our insurance is there to protect you for the type of work we do.  We carry much higher coverage limits than many of our competitors. A certificate of insurance is provided with every project.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are in it for the long haul which leads to building relationships.  Our goal is to make sure you are so satisfied that any time you need any work done you know you only have to make one call, and that’s to us.

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SuperFan Clients

Many of our long-term repeat clients had initially contracted us to do one job but have continued contracting us for many other jobs and have been with us for years.  These long-time relationships are a direct result of the quality, reliability, expertise and service they received.  We make sure each project gets done, the way it’s supposed to be done, when it’s scheduled to be done.

When you become our client you can depend on us to answer your calls, texts or emails, every time.

Our reputation is built on providing an outstanding level of customer service, integrity and reliability.

“We Specialize in Relationships”

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Building Relationships

Stewart Environmental has been removing underground tanks and remediating contaminated soil for over two decades.  We have environmental clients as well as general construction clients that have been using our services for years.

We listen to your needs and utilize our experience and value engineering skills to find cost-efficient solutions especially when it involves the most difficult of projects.

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