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Scranton 10,000 Gallon Underground Storage Tank Removal

This was an old Kmart located on Scranton Pennsylvania.  The job involved removing a 10k gallon tank in a tight area behind the shopping center.  It was located under the parking lot.

The crew neatly saw cut the edges of the asphalt around the tank, excavated to the top of the tank, and a vac truck came and removed the couple thousand gallons of remaining oil and water in the tank.  The crew then cut the tank open, removed the remaining sludge and put it into 55-gallon drums.  The tank was then lifted out and loaded onto a trailer to be disposed of.

This tank did have holes in it and had leaked; upon discovering the spill, the site LSRP opened a DEP case, had the crew excavate approximately 60 tons of contaminated soil and stockpile it onto plastic. The excavation was then backfilled with certified clean fill.

The contaminated soil was loaded out after soil test results were completed, and the soil was approved into a DEP-approved facility for disposal.  In this job, we were a subcontractor for the LSRP.


Global Auto Mall
Hydraulic Lift Removal

This job took place in the large service area of Global Auto Mall in North Plainfield, New Jersey.  The work was done primarily after hours as it is a very large, busy service station for the dealership.  There were underground hydraulic lifts that were removed from under the slab.

The concrete was neatly cut over each lift, and the machine excavated to expose the lift and then removed it.

Each excavation was backfilled with certified clean fill and prepped for the concrete slab pour.  Each hole was prepped with a plastic vapor barrier, and a rebar grid for additional structural support was drilled into the existing slab.  The slabs were repoured using 4,000 psi concrete.


Hanover 10K Gallon Underground Storage Tank Removal

This was a tank removal at Hanover Hall, a senior center located in Hanover, PA.  The tank was located in a courtyard behind a fenced-in area.  Our crew had to dismantle part of the fence to get the machine in the area to work.  A vac truck had come the week before as the tank had several thousand gallons of fuel left in it, and it took multiple trips to empty it

When we got there, we excavated the top of the tank, cut it open and cleaned out the remaining sludge, placed it into 55-gallon drums, lifted the tank out of its hole and carried it over to the parking lot area and put it on the trailer to be disposed of. 

This tank had not leaked; we could backfill it with certified clean fill, rake, hay and seed the lawn area the tank was removed from, and the job was done.  It was a two-day job.

We were a subcontractor for the LSRP.

hanover hall
Hackettstown hospital

Hackettstown Hospital 10K Gallon Underground Storage Tank Removal and Replacement

This job was both removal and replacement.  The tank was located in a busy parking lot for the hospital and the fill and vent lines went across the main driveway into the hospital.  We had to hammer the top of the vault the tank was located to remove the tank.  We then power washed the interior of the vault using cleaners and vac trucked out the water in the vault.

A new dual compartment 10K Gallon tank was placed back in the vault to be used as backup power in the event of an outage.

The fill and vent lines were replaced from the new tank in the building and hooked up to the furnace and standby generator.  Certified clean pea gravel was placed around the new tank, and the parking lot and asphalt driveway were restored. 

The job took a few weeks; we were a subcontractor for the LSRP.

Hackettstown Hospital

MCC Blue Parsippany Corporate Center

This was not an environmental project; this is one of our building maintenance customers.  They had an issue with turkey vultures perching in the beams under the stair tower canopies for their parking garages and making a big foul smell.

Our crew using all the necessary safety protocols, attached Bird B Gone netting under each of the four stair canopies using a hydraulic lift to work about 30′ up.  They threaded loop anchors into the steel beams under each canopy to attach the netting.

This job took four days, one for each stair tower.

Mcc Blue

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