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This job was carried out at the expansive service area of Global Auto Mall located in North Plainfield, New Jersey. Given the dealership’s significant size and continuous operations, the majority of the work was scheduled after regular hours.

The main task involved removing underground hydraulic lifts that were positioned beneath the concrete slab. To achieve this, a precise and orderly process was followed. Each lift was identified, and the concrete was meticulously cut above it. Subsequently, the machinery was employed to excavate the area, carefully exposing and then extracting the lifts.

Following the removal process, each excavation site was properly backfilled with certified clean fill, ensuring a stable foundation. Before pouring the new concrete slabs, each hole was prepared with a plastic vapor barrier for added protection. Additionally, to enhance the structural support, a rebar grid was drilled into the existing slab.

To guarantee durability and strength, the slabs were repoured using 4,000 psi concrete, meeting high-quality standards for the project.