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A former Kmart situated on Scranton Carbondale Hwy required removal of a 10k gallon tank situated in a confined space behind the shopping center, beneath the parking lot.

The process involved the skilled crew using saw cuts to neatly remove the asphalt surrounding the tank. They then excavated around the tank’s top and employed a vac truck to remove the remaining oil and water, amounting to thousands of gallons. Once cleared, the crew opened the tank, extracted the remaining sludge, and placed it into 55-gallon drums. The tank was subsequently lifted out and loaded onto a trailer for proper disposal.

The tank had incurred damage and leaked, leading to a spill. Upon its discovery, the site’s Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) initiated a DEP case. The crew excavated approximately 60 tons of contaminated soil and placed it on plastic sheets. Following this, the excavation was refilled with certified clean fill.

After conducting soil tests and obtaining approval, the contaminated soil was transported to a DEP-approved facility for proper disposal. In this project, our role was as a subcontractor for the LSRP.