Oil Tank Removal Budd Lake NJ

We were contacted by a homeowner in Budd Lake, NJ recently that accidentally forgot to mail out her insurance payment.  The insurance company cancelled her policy and refused to reinstate it unless she removed her underground oil tank.  
I advised the homeowner that an option she had was to contact other insurance companies but she had already done so and had not found another option that would cover her without removing the tank.
We applied for the permit immediately as her home was currently without insurance and did the removal a few days after obtaining the permit.  
Fortunately it was a quick and easy job, the tank was in an accessible location in a gravel driveway, there was very little oil left in the bottom to clean out.  After we cut open and cleaned out the sludge from the inside of the tank we removed it from ground and saw it was in great shape.
The fire inspector came out and passed it with ease.  It was great news for the homeowner that the tank had not leaked so no additional costs incurred for an expensive clean up.
The excavation was backfilled with certified clean fill and the tank was removed and brought to a metal recycling facility for disposal.
Removing an underground tank requires a licensed professional that carries specialty insurance.  
Stewart Environmental Remediation has been removing underground tanks since 1999 and has the knowledge, experience and expertise to handle your project.
Call us, we answer the phone.

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