Oil Tank Removal Franklin NJ

Abandoned Oil tank removal in Franklin NJ

We were contacted by a homeowner that had an underground tank next to their front steps that had been abandoned in place almost 20 years ago.
We obtained a permit and called in a utility mark out and mobilized to the home.  Upon digging up the tank, we found it to be filled with water due to a downspout in a nearby location directing water towards the tank.  The tank was also filled with clean stone from when it had been abandoned in place years ago.
After removing the tank, the stone was perfectly clean as was the excavation and the tank was in good shape so everything was a pass.  We backfilled the excavation with certified clean fill and restored the surface by raking, hay and seed.
This was a good outcome, many times in the case of a previously abandoned tank they were not abandoned properly or were abandoned even though they had leaked and there was contamination.
You always need to make sure you have a qualified, licensed contractor with the right insurance, knowledge and expertise to get the job done right, the first time.

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