Oil Tank Removal Newark NJ

Oil Tank Removal Newark NJ

Oil Tank Removal Newark NJ beneath the sidewalk

We were contacted by an environmental engineering firm for the removal of underground storage tanks beneath the sidewalk on Irvine Turner Boulevard in Newark, NJ.

The process involved saw cutting, removal, and proper disposal of designated sidewalk sections. Excavation was carried out until reaching the top of the oil tanks, where holes were cut for access. Our vacuum truck pumped out the remaining oil from both tanks. Once the vac truck was done pumping out the majority of the oil our team safely entered the tanks following confined space protocols, cleaned out residual sludge, and transferred it into 55-gallon drums to be disposed of at a facility.

Next Steps after the removal of oil tank

While one tank was completely removed, the other obstructed by a utility crossing, after it was cleaned out had holes cut in the bottom for soil sampling and was left in place. After city inspections, the first tank’s excavation was backfilled with certified clean fill. The second tank, still in place, was filled with flowable fill (concrete). Both excavations were prepared with rebar, and the concrete sidewalk slabs were restored. Learn more about Oil Tank Removal Newark NJ

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