Oil Tank Removal North Brunswick NJ

We received a request from an environmental engineering firm regarding a project in North Brunswick, NJ. The site, originally an automotive repair facility, was undergoing a complete redevelopment. As the project was nearing completion, an unexpected underground oil tank was discovered during preparations for the new parking lot. To avoid delaying the paving schedule, the firm entrusted us with the immediate removal of the tank.

Working with the town of North Brunswick was a seamless experience, as they efficiently processed the necessary permits within a week. Our team was on-site just a couple of days later.

The underground tank was entirely filled with oily water, prompting the initial step of pumping out and appropriately disposing of the contaminated water using a vacuum truck. Subsequently, we cut, cleaned, and removed the tank, ensuring its proper disposal at a recycling facility.

The tank exhibited extensive damage, resulting in contamination that required excavation. Unfortunately, the contamination extended beneath newly constructed curbs, necessitating their removal.

We expedited the excavation process, ensuring same-day backfilling, enabling the project to progress smoothly without any significant delays.

When you encounter the need for tank removal services, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are readily available to answer your call and are committed to meeting your project deadlines.

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