Oil Tank Removal Passaic NJ

We have been assisting individuals and businesses with Oil tank removals since 1999

We received a request from a general contractor overseeing multiple projects at a Passaic school. They had a 2,000-gallon above-ground storage tank containing heating oil, which needed removal because the school had transitioned to natural gas.

After applying for the necessary city license and permit, we mobilized to the site a few weeks later. The tank was situated within a tight recessed area next to the building. Once we had emptied the remaining fuel from the tank, we strategically positioned a steel road plate and pulled the tank up it into the parking lot area where there was adequate room to work.

The tank was cut open, the sludge extracted and placed in 55-gallon drums for disposal. The tank was then lifted by a backhoe and transported across the parking lot loaded onto a trailer for transport to a recycling facility.

As part of the project, we addressed minor building maintenance, patching a couple of holes in the building’s sides where the old furnace lines had passed through.

When undertaking tank removal projects, it’s essential to engage a licensed and insured contractor known for their accessibility, effective communication, reliability and most importantly, expertise. We have been assisting individuals and businesses with above-ground and underground storage tank removals since 1999 and are ready to assist you as well.

Don’t hesitate to reach out; we are just a phone call away at 973-670-6334.

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