Oil Tank Removal Paterson NJ

Oil tank removal with contaminated soil

We were contacted by an environmental engineer to remove a couple of tanks in Paterson at an industrial complex.  There was no way of telling what they had been used for or if there was any fuel left in them.
The first day of the job we arrived early and were able to determine that one had previously held gasoline, the other had held diesel and both were fairly full.
We were able to dispatch two separate vac trucks to get there early and remove all the remaining fuel, got the tanks, cut open, clean out and removed with an additional step of inerting the gasoline tank.
Previous drilling had shown the area was contaminated, the current plan is to delineate the area to determine the amount of contamination, dig it out and dispose of it at a facility.
Since the first visit what appears to be a third tank has been found and needs to be removed.
Whenever at all possible, remove any underground tanks.  The longer they remain in the ground the higher probability of rusting and leaking they have.
We’ve been removing tanks for 25 years, have the experience, knowledge and expertise to you help you remove yours too.

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