Test Pits Trenton NJ

We recently received a request from an environmental engineering firm with whom we maintain a robust working partnership. They sought our expertise to conduct test pits at a location in Trenton as part of a project for an assisted care facility. A previous ground-penetrating radar (GPR) survey had detected metallic anomalies, suspected to be 15,000-gallon underground storage tanks.

Upon arriving at the site and saw-cutting of the parking lot, we excavated two test pits. Our investigation validated that the metallic anomalies were indeed associated with underground tanks, and further analysis revealed they were filled with number 6 oil. The subsequent phase of the project entails the removal of these tanks after they have been emptied.  Once the tanks have been removed an assessment will be completed to determine if any further remediation actions will need to be taken due to a leak and soil being contaminated.

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