Diesel Tank Removal Pleasantville NJ

We were awarded a bid by an environmental engineering firm to remove a 20k gallon underground fiberglass tank that had previously held deisel oil under a parking lot in Pleasantville, NJ.
After obtaining the permits needed, we mobilized our crew and equipment to the site.  The tank had been covered by a concrete pad, which we hammered out, loaded into one of our dumptrucks and took it to a recycling facility.
We dug down a few feet until we reached the top of the tank.  We cut it open, pumped out the remaining deisel fuel, ventilated it using a high powered fan with ductwork attached that lowered into the tank and cleaned out the remaining sludge, placing the sludge into 55 gallon drums to be disposed of.
Once the tank was clean, the excavator pulled it out of the hole, crushed it up into small pieces and loaded it into a 30 yard dumpster for disposal.  
The excavation was filled with compactible fill, compacted and then 8″ of 2A modified on top to get prepared for the surface restoration which was asphalt to replace the concrete pad that had been protecting the tank.
We placed 4″ of base asphalt, and 2″ of top asphalt and rolled smooth and level to match the existing parking lot.
Removing underground storage tanks requires a licensed professional with the knowledge, experience and expertise to get the job done right.  We’ve been removing underground tanks since 1999.

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