Oil Tank Removal Califon NJ

Several oil and diesel tanks were taken out from a farm situated in Washington Township, Califon, NJ. The property was in the process of being sold, and during a tank sweep, four underground tanks were discovered. Additionally, three above-ground tanks needed to be removed as well.

The buyer was in a hurry since the closing date was approaching, and it was a prerequisite to have the tanks removed before finalizing the deal.

Upon excavation of the four underground tanks, it was revealed that two of them had leaked, leading to the involvement of the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Consequently, the simple tank removal process transformed into a complex remediation effort.

Despite the last-minute nature of the job, everything went very smoothly:

  • Our sub-surface evaluator promptly arrived the next business day.
  • We efficiently excavated and safely stored the contaminated soil on plastic.
  • Soil samples from both the excavations and the stockpile were analyzed, and we received all results within a few days.
  • The LSRP issued a letter to the attorney confirming no further remediation was necessary, which was satisfactory and as a result the buyer was able to close the deal smoothly.


We’ve been removing underground oil tanks in NJ since 1999.  Our experience and expertise will help you navigate the process of removing your underground oil tank for any situation.

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